Women’s Club By Laws


April 24, 2024 CCWGA By-laws and Standing Rules




This organization shall be known as the Capitol City Women’s Golf Association (CCWGA).



To promote golf and organize tournaments among women, promote good sportsmanship, and aid

women in having a keener knowledge of the rules and etiquette of the game of golf.



Regular members of this club shall consist of women of all ages who are members of the Capitol

City Golf Club. CCWGA membership does not include GHIN (handicap) membership.

Fiscal Year: Wherever used in these By-laws shall mean the current period of twelve months

between January 1 and December 31.

Majority: More than half the votes cast at a legal meeting where a quorum is present in

person or by proxy.

Quorum: Fifteen members of the organization constitute a quorum.

Decorum: Members are to conduct themselves in accordance with the Rules of USGA and

CCWGA Code of Conduct as listed in the Standing Rules.


Board of Directors

Voting members of the Board of Directors shall be the President, Vice President, Secretary,

Treasurer, Trustee, Past President, Handicap Chairperson, Tournament Chairperson, Weekday

Play Chairperson, Weekend Play Chairperson and other appointed positions as listed in the

Standing Rules Conduct of Business item 5.

The Board of Directors shall have such powers and duties as prescribed in the By-laws and in

concurrence with the Capitol City Golf Club Head Golf Pro.

Any debatable questions that occur must be referred to the Board for discussion and

recommendations to be presented to the membership.

Meetings of the Board shall not be less than five (5) per year.April 24, 2024 CCWGA By-laws and Standing Rules 



Elected officers of the Association are: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and one

Trustee. These officers shall assume office immediately upon their election, except for the

Treasurer, who shall not assume office until the audit of the books is completed. The term of

office is one year.

By the September meeting, the President shall appoint a three-member Nominating Committee.

One week prior to the Fall Luncheon meeting, the Nominating Committee shall notify the

membership of at least one nominee, if possible, for each elective office.

In addition to the slate of officers presented by the Nominating Committee at the Fall Luncheon

meeting, additional nominations from the floor will be considered.

The election of officers shall be by written ballot, if necessary, at the Fall Luncheon meeting.

Election shall depend on a majority of members present or by written proxy vote. Presentation

of the ballots shall be the responsibility of the chairperson of the Nominating Committee.


Duties of Officers – Elected

The President shall preside at all meetings and appoint all committee chairpersons. She shall

appoint an auditor, a nominating committee and may appoint a Parliamentarian. The President

shall serve as an ex-officio member of all committees except the Nominating Committee. The

President shall appoint a replacement for any vacancy; the appointee to serve until the following


The Vice President shall perform the duties of the President in her absence. If the office of the

President shall become vacant, the Vice President shall assume the office of the President and

appoint a Vice President, with approval of the Board of Directors. The Vice President shall also

serve as chairperson for the annual summer casual day.

The Secretary shall be responsible for complete and accurate minutes of all Board, general and

special meetings of the association. She shall prepare a report of the actions of the Board for

presentation at each general meeting. She shall also conduct the correspondence of the

association, at the direction of the President.

The Treasurer shall undertake the tasks normally ascribed to that office.

The Trustee shall serve in an advisory capacity and assist the other officers. She shall be

responsible for any necessary engraving of plaques, etc.

The Past President shall serve as chairperson for Fun Day.April 24, 2024 CCWGA By-laws and Standing Rules 

Appointed Officers

The Tournament Chairperson, in conjunction with the Capitol City Golf Club Head Golf Pro,

shall be responsible for the planning and conducting of all major competitions. In conjunction

with the Weekday Play Chairperson and Weekend Play Chairperson, she shall prepare a schedule

of events for the season and present it to the Board of Directors for approval. She will be

responsible for organizing and conducting all scheduled tournaments.

The Weekday Play Chairperson and the Weekend Play Chairperson shall be responsible for

organizing and conducting the weekly play, in consultation with the Capitol City Golf Club Head

Golf Pro.

The Handicap Chairperson shall follow the handicap system as set forth by the USGA, and is

responsible for verifying the accuracy of the CCWGA member handicaps.



Handicap Committee

The Handicap Committee shall ensure compliance with the USGA Handicap System. It shall

review members’ handicap indexes at least once a year and resolve any disputes that arise.

The Handicap Committee shall consist of three members. The Handicap Chairperson, the

Capitol City Golf Club Head Golf Pro and one additional appointed member. The names shall

be announced at the first general meeting each year.

Rules Committee

The Rules Committee shall consist of the Rules Committee Chairperson, the Vice President, the

President and the Capitol City Golf Club Head Golf Pro. The committee shall ensure the

members abide by USGA and applicable local rules.

By-laws Committee

The By-laws Committee shall consist of a minimum of four (4) members appointed by the

President, who shall serve as Chairperson.

The By-laws and Standing Rules shall be reviewed by the By-laws Committee at least every five

(5) years.April 24, 2024 CCWGA By-laws and Standing Rules 



The funds of the association shall be used for the promotion of golf, good sportsmanship,

entertainment, and the general benefit of the members. The President, with the advice of the

Treasurer, will prepare and submit a budget approved by the Board to the general membership at

the first general meeting of the year. Additional needed funds exceeding $50 shall be authorized

by the Board of Directors and approved by the general membership. Additional funds under $50

needed for budgeted line items will be approved by the President.

Three (3) signatures shall appear on all bank accounts. They shall be the President, Vice

President and Treasurer.

The annual audit of the books must be completed in January after the close of the fiscal year.



All proposed amendments to the By-laws of the CCWGA shall be approved by a two-thirds vote

of the quorum at any general meeting of the organization. Members shall be notified of any

proposed amendment thirty (30) days prior to such meeting unless otherwise specified in the

proposed changes. All changes to the By-laws shall become effective immediately.

Isolated changes such as spelling, punctuation, etc. can be done by a motion of the Board to

“amend something previously adopted.”


Standing Rules

Standing rules may be adopted for the administration of these By-laws and the orderly conduct

of business and golf activities of the CCWGA.

Standing rules may be adopted by a majority vote at any general meeting. Members shall be

notified of any proposed changes two weeks prior to voting.



The current Robert’s Rules of Order shall be the parliamentary authority on all matters not

covered by the By-laws of the Association.

Revised: January 8, 2024

Approved: February 27, 2024April 24, 2024 CCWGA By-laws and Standing Rules 




1. Standing Rules may be adopted by a majority vote at any Board meeting. Members shall

be notified of changes to Standing Rules at the next general meeting.

2. The five general meetings of the CCWGA will be held on the last Tuesday of the month (if

possible), with the exception of the Spring and Fall Luncheons.

3. Spring and Fall Luncheons will be scheduled by the Board and shall count as general


4. Cards are to be sent on the death of a member or their immediate family, illness of a

member and on other occasions.

5. Other appointed positions: For the efficient conduct of business, the President shall appoint

a representative to WA Golf, TWGA, and Pub Links. The President shall also appoint the

following positions as extended board members: Historian, Social, Rules, Sunshine and

New Member Committees.

6. The Handicap Chairperson, the Weekday Play Chairperson, the Weekend Play Chairperson

and the Tournament Chairperson shall each name an assistant. These assistants shall

become knowledgeable in the duties, assist the chairperson, and assume the duties in the

absence of the chairperson. These assistants’ names shall be announced at the first general

meeting each year.


Members wishing to be included in the hole-in-one insurance fund shall pay a fee each year. The

fee is good for that current season.

A hole-in-one insurance payout will be recognized only during an eighteen hole round on Capitol

City Golf Course during any scheduled CCWGA competition.

Recognition of all hole-in-ones made in accordance with the above rules will be awarded at the

Fall Luncheon. It is the responsibility of the Trustee to provide a trophy or plaque to each

insured club member who has a hole-in-one. The plaque or trophy must contain the following

information: hole number, date and the golfer’s name. It is also the Trustee’s responsibility to

have the insured member’s name and date engraved on the hole-in-one plaque. In the event of

multiple hole-in-ones, monies in the insurance fund will be divided equally.

If there is no hole-in-one in a competition year, the funds will be carried over for the next season.

A new fee will be collected for the next season.April 24, 2024 CCWGA By-laws and Standing Rules 

A copy of the card, or the original, with the words “hole-in-one” on it is to be signed, dated,

attested and placed in the women’s lock box.

In the event a non-insured member makes a hole-in-one at Capitol City Golf Club, the member

will receive recognition.


1. Golfing rules are set by USGA. There are also some local rules made by the course

manager and available at the pro shop. CCWGA members are urged to familiarize

themselves with the rules.

2. If a dispute should arise which cannot be satisfactorily settled by the Rules Chairperson,

then it may be settled by a Rules Committee consisting of the Rules Chairperson, the

President and a golf professional, with the person or persons involved in the dispute


3. Caddies shall be allowed during tournaments or competition.


1. The regular weekly play will be held on Tuesday or Saturday, March-October as scheduled.

Tuesday play will begin at 8:30 am (unless otherwise requested by the Pro Shop). Saturday

play will begin at 7:30 am (unless otherwise requested by the Pro Shop).

2. Any member may enter weekly competition on Tuesday and Saturday. The Weekend Play

Chairperson and the Weekday Play Chairperson will make copies of the competition sheets

for the Tournament Chairperson on a regular basis.

3. Members will pay a fee to enter weekly competitive events. Following play, they will post

their score and leave a properly completed scorecard with the competition chairperson.

The scorecard must have last name, first name or initial, date, be signed by the scorer and

attested by the player. If a player withdraws from the competition, an effort should be

made to so note on their scorecard. No refund will be made for withdrawals.

4. All players in the competition must have established a USGA handicap.

5. Putts must be holed out in all competitions, with the exception of match play.

6. An award is to be paid for chip-ins during regular competition. A chip-in is any shot holed

from off the green, regardless of the club used. Once the ball comes to rest on the green

and does not go in the hole, it is no longer eligible for a chip-in.

7. Results of Weekly Play may be posted each week by the Weekday and Weekend

Chairperson.April 24, 2024 CCWGA By-laws and Standing Rules 

8. Golfer of the Year. At the end of each golfing year, the Tournament Chairperson (or

designee) will take the lowest net scores for each of four months in which a member

competed in at least three rounds. One round a week, the first played, will be used in the

computation. The first round each week shall be Tuesday’s play. The total of those twelve

(12) net scores (three scores in each of four months) will determine the Golfer of the Year.

Their membership will be paid the following year by the CCWGA.

9. Most Improved Golfer. After the end of September, the Handicap Chairperson will

determine the Most Improved Golfer per the USGA recommended method. To qualify the

member must have played in at least ten (10) CCWGA scheduled competitions. Their

membership will be paid the following year by the CCWGA.

10. If an outside tournament inquires if an entrant is a member in good standing, CCWGA’s

definition is “one who has a current paid in full membership”.


1. In order to be eligible for the CCWGA monthly tournaments, a member must have a

USGA handicap and may play on either Tuesday or Saturday, but not compete on both

days, and must specify on the sign-up sheet which day they intend to compete.

2. In order to be eligible for the CCWGA Club Championship, a member must have

accumulated five scores of l8 holes in competition at Capitol City during the current year

prior to the tournament date and must have a USGA handicap.

3. At the same time as the Club Championship, a “Super Senior” shall be determined. To be

eligible a member must be 72 years of age and be entered in the Club Championship.

4. A player, whose handicap index is above the USGA recommended maximum, will be

reduced to that maximum.

5. The President shall select the format for the annual President’s Cup Tournament. The

Tournament Chairperson shall select the format for the Anniversary Tournament and the

Wild Card Tournament.

6. Tournament awards will be posted to the winning members’ scrip.


CCWGA adopts the following Code of Conduct for all members.

Members and their guests are expected to conduct themselves in a manner which:

Shows consideration to others by playing at a prompt pace, looking out for the safety

of others and not distracting the play of another player.April 24, 2024 CCWGA By-laws and Standing Rules 

Reflects positively on the CCWGA, fosters good sportsmanship, demonstrates

personal integrity, good fellowship and respects individual dignity.

Observes proper etiquette when present at any event as a member and/or

representative of CCWGA.

Is free of discrimination or any form of harassing or divisive behavior toward fellow

golfers, guests or staff.

Does not misrepresent their position or authority to others.

Additionally, member disagreements should be handled discreetly between the affected parties.

If necessary, the Board will hear unresolved disputes.

The Board retains the right to take disciplinary action against any member. The decision of the

Board shall be final.

At its discretion, the Board may assess any or all of the following penalties based on severity and

frequency of the violation:

Issuance of a verbal warning on behalf of the CCWGA Board.

Issuance of a written warning by the CCWGA Board.

Disqualification from a specific event or future event(s) for a specified period.

Suspension of playing privileges with the CCWGA for a specified period or

permanent suspension.

Revised: March 21, 2024

Approved: March 23, 2024