Women's Club Schedule

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2020 Women's Club Schedule

February 25     Spring Luncheon                                                  July 4                  Criers
March 3           First Five, Last Four                                             July 7                  Beat the Pro/Mid-Nine
March 7           First Five, Last Four                                             July 11                Beat the Pro/Mid-Nine
March 10         Three Blind Mice                                                  July 14                Nutts No CCWGA (WJGA)
March 14         Three Blind Mice                                                  July 18               Anniversary No CCWGA (Cap City Am)
March 17         Points                                                                    July 21               Anniversary
March 21         Points                                                                     July 25                Low Net and Putts* (4th leg) Anniversary
March 24         Mutt and Jeff                                                          July 28                Low Net and Putts* (4th leg), shotgun
March 28         No CCWGA (WJGA)                                            August 1             Nutts Low Net and Putts* (4th leg)
March 31         Substitute Par                                                         August 4             No CCWGA (TWGA Aug. 3-4)
April 4             Substitute Par                                                         August 8             Hodge Podge
April 7             T's and F's                                                               August 11           Selective 9
April 11           T's and F's                                                                August 15           Selective 9
April 14           Hidden Holes                                                           August 18, 20     Club Championship
April 18           No CCWGA (PubLinks)                                         August 22           Best 9
April 21           Odd or Even                                                             August 25           Low Net**/Crossover, shotgun & toast
April 25           Low Net and Putts* (1st leg)                                   August 29           Crossover
April 28           Low Net and Putts* (1st leg)                                   September 1        T's and S's
May 2              Odd or Even                                                             September 5        T's and S's
May 5              3's & 4's on Front, 5's on Back                                 September 8        1 Odd, 1 Even
May 9              3's & 4's on Front, 5's on Back                                 September 12      1 Odd, 1 Even
May 12            Match vs. Par                                                            September 15      Eliminate Par 3's
May 16            President's Low Net and Putts (1st leg)                   September 19            Eliminate Par 3's
May 19            President's Low Net and Putts (1st leg)                   September 22            O.N.E.S.
May 23            Match vs. Par                                                        September 26     Memorial
May 26            Low Net and Putts* (2nd leg), shotgun                     September 29           Memorial
May 30            Low Net and Putts* (2nd leg)                                    October 3            O.N.E.S.
June 2             Match Play/Four Score                                             October 6            Kickers
June 6             Match Play/Four Score                                             October 10          Kickers
June 9              Hidden Partners                                                          October 13          Fun Day
June 13            No CCWGA (Cap City Am) Low Net/Putts* (2nd leg)                    October 17    Name Your Nine
June 16            Criers                                                                          October 20          Name Your Nine
June 20            Hidden Partners                                                     October 24          Throw Out 3 Holes
June 23            Summer Smash                                                           October 27          Throw Out 3 Holes
June 27            Low Net and Putts* (3rd leg)                                     October 31          Fun Day
June 30            Low Net and Putts* (3rd leg)                                     November 7        Fall Luncheon
*   Captain's Cup Qualifier
** Captain's Cup Final                                                 Saturdays
General membership meeting after shotgun starts

Competition Definitions

1 Odd, 1 Even          Throw out 1 odd hole and 1 even hole, less full handicap

3's & 4's on Front, 5's on Back:           Count Par 3's and Par 4's on the front and Par 5's on the back, less 1/2 handicap.

Aces Wild:                Count total strokes minus all one putt greens, less full handicap.

Beat the Pro:             Determine strokes after handicap vs. Pros gross score.

Best 9:                      Select best nine holes on the card, less 1/2 handicap.

Best 17:                    Throw out one hole, less full handicap.

Better 9:                    Choose first or second nine holes, whichever is best, less 1/2 handicap.

Criers:                       Throw out three worst holes and revert score to par, less full handicap.

Crossover:                Count best score from corresponding holes on each nine.  For example, use best score from
                                 1 or 10, 2 or 11, 3 or 12, etc., less 1/2 handicap.

Eliminate Par 3's:      Count only Par 4's and Par 5's, less 1/2 handicap.

Fairways:                  Count strokes not taken on putting green, less 1/2 handicap.

First Five, Last Four: Count first five holes on the front and last four holes on the back, less 1/2 handicap.

Four Score:               Count the Par 4's only (all 10 holes), less 1/2 handicap.

Hidden Holes:           Pro selects nine holes to count, revealed after round complete, less 1/2 handicap.

Hidden Partners:       Blind draw determines partners, twosome with lowest combined net wins.

Hodge Podge:           Select 3 best holes on front, 3 best holes on back plus 3 worst holes of 18, less 1/2 handicap.

Kickers:                    Throw out four worst holes, less 1/2 handicap.

Match vs. Par:           Determine strokes after handicap. Score plus for win, zero for tie and minus for a loss.

Mid Nine:                 Count holes 5 through 13, less 1/2 handicap.

Mutt and Jeff:           Count five longest and four shortest holes, less 1/2 handicap.

Name Your Nine:     Choose and circle nine holes before round begins, less 1/2 handicap.

Low Net:                   Count total strokes, less full handicap.

Nutts:                        Count net score plus putts.

Odd or Even:            Count the odd or even holes, determined by chairman before round begins, less 1/2 handicap.

O.N.E.S.:                  Count holes starting with O.N.E.S., less 1/2 handicap.

Points:                       Determine strokes (after handicap), Bogey = 1 point; Par = 2 points; Birdie = 3 points;
                                  Eagle = 4 points; Double Eagle = 10 points and hole-in-one = 25 points.

Putts:                         Count strokes taken on putting green.

Selective 9:               Count lowest of 3 Par 3's, 4 Par 4's and 2 Par 5's, less 1/2 handicap.

Substitute Par:           Substitute par for one most over par hole on each nine, less full handicap.

T's and F's:                Count holes starting with "T" and "F", less 1/2 handicap.

T's and S's:                Count holes starting with "T" and "S", less 1/2 handicap.

Three Blind Mice:     Pro picks three holes to throw out, revealed after round is complete, less full handicap.

Throw Out 3 Holes:  Throw out three highest holes, less full handicap.